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Whether you are looking for full service event planning or just coordination services, we serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your special affair needs. From uplighting and fabric draping, to fine linen and tailored centerpices, we have you covered.


If you are only in the market for someone to facilitate your event, we have connections with industry vendors, including venues, musicians (live entertaininment), DJs, photographers, videographers, makeup artists and catering providers.

The Total Package

All Roads Lead to Christ Media Group

Gadsden, AL



Are you the type of client who desires to live out loud and host an exquisite event, without lifting a finger or adding additional stress to your day? If so, we have just right package for you. Our  all inclusive "Exquisitely Lavish" total package allows our clients to receive everything from custom event designs, to coordination services. Let's get started today! click the button below.

Custom Design

Having difficulties bringing all of your design aesthetics to life? At Exquisite W/S, we can design a personalized collage, built around your theme, color scheme and interest. Give us a call today, to schedule your free consultation.

Splendid Proposals

Event Coordination

Have everything that's needed for your big event, but simply cannot find time to plan the flow of the event? At Exquisite W/S, we have you covered. Call us today to discuss our special events coordination services.

Thinking about that special moment, but not quite sure how to fully execute your vision? Call us at Exquisite W/S to schedule your free consultation. We are sure to assist with getting the job done!

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